Wednesday, December 25, 2013

State of Alabama Wants to Ban using E-cigarettes Indoors

CASAA: Call to Action! Alabama E-Cigarette Usage Ban -- HB258 (DEFEATED)

My question is why?  They aren't harmful to the user or the person sitting next to them.  There is no ash, bad smell or harm to the environment or butts in the streets.  I find after using them for many months, that I am using them less that when I first started.  The nicotine in them can be bought from a high level of nicotine down to zero in order to help people completely quit.

Below is a complete setup of one type.  Most people I know do not use this one because the cigarettes do not last as long.  You have the e cigarettes, the case, the charger, the liquid that one puts into the cartilage.

Here we have the more common type of e cigarettes that I smoke and most people do because you only have to load it every few days if you are not a heavy smoker.  The battery lasts a lot loner too. This type can also be bought that are for heavy smokers.  This type has a battery on the left side, the top piece that the juice is put into.  Plus, a bottle of juice and the battery setup.  It can be plugged into the wall or your computer thus, the name e-cigarettes.  In the front is  the e cigarette that is assembled. 

Why the government wants to get involved in something that is no more harmful than chewing gum is unbelievable.  Maybe during these bad times of so much else that needs their attention, they are dealing with trying to keep people from using e cigarettes indoor so, they will not have to deal with very serious issues.  I suppose that last statement just goes to show how ticked off I am.

One thing is sure.  I am very tired of living in a world where the government wants to control all aspects of our lives.  They listen in on people's phone conversations, read their emails along with other things that George Washington would have went into a rage over.

Right.  This is a different age and time but there is also a thing call the Constitution.  It has been trashed or they have tried to trash it for many years now.  When are we as American citizens going to take more action in what goes on in our lives?

I just sent a message to all people concerned who want to pass this bill.  I ask that if you feel it is wrong, please follow the link at the top of the page and sent them a message which what to say is outlined to help you write a good letter.

I have been using e-cigarettes for half of this year.  I find that I am not using  them as much as I did when I first started.  It was my intention to use them to finally give up nicotine.  This is possible because anyone can buy the juice which is vaped in a electronic cigarette starting at a high level for those who smoke a lot down to zero.  It is called vaping because it only produces vapor and not smoke yet, one gets the sense of smoking.

When I visited my doctor last week, he was thrilled that my lungs are clear.  In fact, he is the one who asked me if I would try them.  My doctor sees nothing wrong with them.  They are better than the patch because it gives smokers something to do with their hands which in half the habit.

This is my rant for the day. I hope I have helped a few people understand a bit about e cigarettes.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask me.  I will be delighted to answer.